Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Pay Up Campaign

The Pay Up campaign is something a support and it's a subject I have written about alot. I believe that it's wrong that a full time worker cannot survive without benefits, while the company who employs that person pays such low wages. Why should taxpayers top up the low wages of Tesco workers when the company is creaming huge profits?

As this article says;

While tax credits are a lifeline to the 5 million households in the UK that rely on them, they have allowed private companies to shirk responsibility for wage bills, shifting it to the public instead and creating a subsidy for private sector profit

Remember these are people who work full time, they are probably members of your family, your friends or you yourself. Some of the companies mentioned in the Pay Up campaign might be one of the biggest private employers in your town. Don't listen to those who tell you that if Sainsbury's is made to share it's profits more via higher wages for workers than it won't be in business and then no one will have a job. All they want is for the bosses wages to go up and up at the expense of the workers - and then the bill gets passed on to taxpayers.

Society is not working if full time workers need a top up off the state, while companies post massive profits in their billions. Support the campaign please.

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  1. We have learned nothing since the Speenhamland system collapsed.